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Waaay too late. It looks like there are at least 19 listings for you in You can't unring the bell./Bruce McCormack

On Jun 29, 2005, at 16:38, larry severson wrote:

Subject: I hadn't heard of this, have you?

I just checked the web site, and sure enough, my name was plastered all
over the place. I've never heard of this place, but check it out for your
self!!! If you want a little additional information, so a search for Zaba
Search on the web site


Beginning this month (May '05) a new database will be available to the
general public, free of charge, that displays your personal information
(names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates).

The database is found at I urge you to forward this
email to family and friends. Check to see if your name and information is
in their database. If so and you want it removed, send them an e-mail
<mailto:info@...>info@... to request it be removed. I
do not know how our names are appearing there, but I checked my own and a
few other random ones, and they are all in this database!

After opting out by email, check back after a few days to make certain your
information has been removed.

Displaying such information should be a crime. This is really scary with
all the identity theft going on. Someone could come across a piece of your
mail and get all your vital info.
Be careful!

Larry Severson
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 968-9852

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