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Jim Patillo

Remember Guys,

When adding STUFF, if you can throw it up and it comes down, its to
heavy. The performance of these planes are seriously affected in
climb and handling charisteristics with any added weight. Fly it
first and then add weight until you can't stand it! My hunch is
you'll be trying to figure out how to get your Q on a diet.

Jim Patillo

P.S. Doing some interesting experimentation now will advise if it
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Hopefully you are right - when I asked BRS about them developing a
system, Gregg Ellsworth replied "I don't see it happening anytime

Allan F

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One of the guys at BRS recently acquired a Q200. I figure he's
well on
his way to coming up with a mount system.
Larry Hamm

Allan wrote:
Ballistic parachutes have become more and more popular in recent
years. I
understand they aren't able to be fitted to Q's at the moment,
but maybe that
will change. Does anyone thing they would be a good idea? Maybe
I'm being a
negative, but they seem to me the next best thing to an ejector
seat. Have a
look at: http://www.brsparachutes.com/SprtProducts.pdf

Allan F - Q2

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