B&C Starter and Lightspeed Ignition Update

Jim Patillo

Its hard to believe its been almost 17 months (Dec 2003)since I
installed LSE dual electronic ignitions in my Q. I am happy to report
that after the initial learining and installation curve, the ignitions
have performed flawlessly even through a close up lightening storm last
year. They allow the 0200 to idle at 450-500 RPM and start in 1/2 crank
of the prop. The engine runs smoother and can be leaned much further
than before. The engine produces more power and the fuel consumption
has dropped at higher altitudes. The ceiling is 19,500'. Thanks Klaus!

You may recall the major failures(3)I had with the Skytech starter.
Since switching to a B&C I've never had another problem. Rich Chappee
was very helpful but in the end I had to make the switch because
frankly I was getting tired of pulling the engine. Thanks Bill

I'm now working in another area to further refine my plane and when I
get a handle on it I will share that information as well. Can't let Sam
Hoskins get to far out front, you know.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

P.S. Brad and I may break loose and fly to Oshkosh afterall, just
depends on his schedule. Good Luck on the race Sam, kick ass on those

P.S.S The comment I made about adding things to your plane comes from
experience. I wish now I had absolutely kept weight to a minimum. I
plan on extricating 30 or so lbs soon.

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