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Jim Patillo

Gimme me a little more credit than that Damian! Thats only one of the
things on the agenda.

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Jim, shame on you ! Ya let tha Cat out of tha bag!

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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I used 6061 on my panel and painted it with the same stuff used on
computer covers. It was done 10 years ago, still looks very good
has won many awards.

If I were doing a new panel today I would remove all mechanical
gauges except for a 2 1/4" airspeed, altimeter and attitude
indicator at the bottom of the pilots panel. The rest would consist
of two flat panels with everything in them, radios and GPS.

Once you start flying this airplane you will get very confortable
with it. I rarely look at gauges on landing as you develop a real
good feel for it.

Jim Patillo

Thats how your losing 30 lbs!!!!!

One Sky Dog

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