Re: Spar question ( core)

Jim Patillo


How far in board? Because when I cut into my spar at about BL 14 for
the spar repair a few years ago there was no foam at that point. I
do recall foam at the ends of mine when installed new.

However, when Sam Kittle purchased his spars I don't think his had
any foam at all. They may not have been factory issue though. Sam
You may want to chime in here and explain what you did.

Jim P.

--- In Q-LIST@..., Larry Hamm <LDHAMM@X...> wrote:
Well, maybe 99% correct. My spars have foam inboard, then empty
all the
way to the tips.
Larry Hamm

Jim Patillo wrote:

You are 100% correct!

Jim P.
--- In Q-LIST@..., damiantwinsport@a... wrote:

Mike, I have never seen a virgin QAC carbon LS1 spar only

in broken canards. I beleive that from my observation of such
from Peter Harris's info that the QAC supplied carbon spars had
either bonded or poured into each end to facilitate the rounding
the mid joint and at the pant( plans indicate this as
well) .From my
examination of post crash spars this foam core did not extend
from BL
0 to BL 10 as there was no evidence at that broken part. The
that Peter Harris and associates are producing claim and from
spars I have that are - 20" have foam at least to that point
I have yet to excavate and see how far it extends past BL20. A
foamcore in a structural round spar would indeed stiffen the
structure depending of course upon the modulus or in other words
resistance to crush that foam had.

So in a nutshell the QAC spars for LS1s appear to only have a
smalll length of core at either end but not the full length.

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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Can anyone explain more about the structure of the spars and the
"core?" Is there a core in some spars but not others? Is
there a


that is nonstructural (unlike the foam core in our wings)? Note

Damian Gregory talks about ". . . the foam inside got hot . . ."
while John

ten Have says ". . . there is no spar core."

Mike Perry

On 5-23-05 I [Mike Perry] wrote: Question: If the failure is
to damage

induced by the test
apparatus, would this be damage to the Carbon Fiber or damage
the spar

core? If the carbon matrix, could we simply apply a carbon-
spar cap?

On 5-24-05 John ten Have replied:

Damage to carbon resin matrix, there is no spar core.
At 03:16 AM 7/4/2005 -0400, Damian Gregory wrote:

Thanks for the help with the dimensions it took a lot of
guessing out

of the deal. On first look they did not appear to have been cut
but after

looking real close you can see theat there is a large dia swirl

possibly a large abrasive chop saw and there are signs that the

inside got hot and shrunk away from cut zone.
Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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