Re: Ton of fun at Arlington - Aircraft Factory

Jim Patillo


Sounds like you and James were having fun this weekend. Its amazing
this airplane still draws such attention with a design that is 27
years and counting.

Bob, Brad and I went to Grass Valley Nevada County Airfest this
weekend. Lots of people and military aircraft. Brad and I did a high
speed looooow pass (209K) on arrival and generated the same
excitement. Its really fun showing off this little plane's
performance. People love it and my answer is always "its only 100


Jim P. N46JP Q200 Livermore, Ca "Home to more flying Quickies than
any place in the world".

--- In Q-LIST@..., Rene Robertson <q2robertson@y...>
James Postma had an exhibit area in an excellent location this
year at Arlington to promote his Aircraft Factory and the Q2/Q200.
Due to weather we were not able to make it until Saturday morning,
but then the fun really began. James invited me to park in his
exhibit area. The Q2 drew a lot of attention all day and I know
James handed out a ton of pamphlets. I don't think he had a break
the entire day.
The next day James suggested we do a couple of fly-bys with his
commentary on the Tower P/A system. I received a briefing and flew
4 highspeed fly-by passes after the Van's Black Jack formation team
finished. By all accounts the commentary and fly-by's went very
well and the Q2 held its own compared to the high dollar retractable
Glasair that few a bit earlier. Sure put a smile on my face when
you hear comments like that. Again there was a lot of interest
after the fly-by and I wish James good luck with his Factory. I
think he made many people aware of what a wonderfull airplane the
Q2/Q200 is. Thanks James for having us in your exhibit, we had a
terrific time!


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