Re: Flight Testing - Dave

Jim Patillo

Flight tesing Dave,

Sounds like your on track for some major fun. Good luck and great
expectations for upcoming flights! Are you going to Jeff's event in
September? I'm going to try for that one!


P.S. The 5th Anual West Coast Tandem Wing Fly In is just a few weeks
away now. Since Farnam is a take charge kinda guy he makes my job
simple. We look forward to seeing you all.

--- In Q-LIST@..., "Dave" <dave@h...> wrote:
Hi Jim,

Will do, on Sue. She has been on my ground crew for each of the
flights. She's getting a pretty good eye for landings so I can't
away with anything.

I had to chase down a problem with the carb tuning that took quite
while.... and over 13 gallons of fuel to get a grip on the problem.
Yes, my first two flights were last August. Chasing the carb
issue took
me into winter and then into April or May. Living 40 miles away
the airport doesn't help much either. As a safety precaution, I
off flying my plane until I got some recent stick time in type
which I
did thanks to Lynn French at Carbondale. I had a weeklong trip to
in mid June for some training, too. Life has a way of getting in
way of flying. Trust me, if I had my way, I'd be out there flying
day. Did I mention the weather in Ohio has been pretty bad for
too? I've seen inside temps of over 100 F during my morning
flights so
it's getting a bit toasty in the cockpit especially with me still
in my
Nomex flight suit and gloves. One flight during a particularly
morning while doing race-track circles around the airport, I recall
feeling like a chicken being roasted on a spit. But my neck up
tan has never been better!

Right now I'm down with a problem in the steel elevator torque
that drive the elevators. On a preflight, I noticed extra up and
play in the right elevator and removed the elevator to
investigate. I
found the bolt hole had elongated in the steel tube. We tracked
the issue to be missing saw cuts in the reducers that should grip
elevator torque tubes when the bolts are installed. The saw cuts
now in place on both elevators and I double checked the ailerons
rudder and they were already present. I had the ends of the
torque tubes filled with a press fit piece of steel but the re-
process did not duplicate the drill holes for the elevators. I
more 4130 to rebuild the torque tubes and that should be in
I'm going to do the holes this time so I figured out a jig to help
duplicate the hole correctly.

Well, I hope that satisfies your curiosity. I know I feel better
whining about all my woes! ;-)



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