Re: [Q-LIST) LS1 Bad rap

Mike Perry <dmperry1012@...>


Thank you for clearly describing the problems you observed. I heard about
this at Laughlin but I never got a clear picture of what the problems were.

Mike Perry

At 03:18 PM 7/20/2005 -0400, you wrote:
John, I have a set of Aussie spars and I agree that they are superior in
construction to the QAC spars, but... my original point was regarding the
QAC spars that exist in Postma's plane. They were not prepared correctly
for bonding ( no evidence of the outer skin being abraded. The repair was
done in a clearly haphazard manner. 1: different layers of foam
Orange/Blue/ white/ 2; poor lamination technique( no resin impregnation
present on the foams) 3: resin rich layers of laminate.4: ply orientation

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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