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I have used Marvel Mystery Oil in my Rev~ with no problems at all.
Running your engine lean while on the ground could help have clean
valves. I did it to help with exhaust valve stems in the VW heads.

Don't confuse TCP with MMO they are conpletely different! MMO was
out long before TCP was thought up, and MMO won't hurt your fuel
tank, like TCP might. I would do some research and testing on epoxy
before using it in your plastic plane. TCP is good stuff, but don't
let it touch your plastic parts until you know for sure it's OK.

David Hiatt

<jeffrey.letempt@u...> wrote:
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I have been doing a little
about 100LL fuel. I am not a engine expert, but I can turn a
wrench. When
I took the heads off my Limbach to send to Great Plains (Steve
Bennett) to
have a second set of spark plug holes bored last summer I noticed
the valves
were very clean. Only 100LL fuel has been used in this engine
since new (I
think). The engine log book showed the heads had been removed and
cleaned 5 hours prior. When I showed the heads to Steve he could
believe how clean they were when I told him the guy only used
I told him the heads were off just 5 hours ago.

It sounds like Marvel Mystery Oil fuel additive or a similar TCP
additive is
very effective at keeping the valves clean when using 100LL.


My question is, has anyone tried this in their Q or similar
aircraft with a
fiberglass fuel tank? Is there any chance a product like this
could damage
the fuel tank?

Dragonfly N41GK

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