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Jim,I think that an NDT protocol for an assembled LS1 canard could be worked up ,plus the component list in time for LVRMR fly in....willl have to get back to you .my 2nd day home from hospital where they repaired my wing root .rotator cuff....Ouch .

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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Well Said Damian.


As I stated before, my plane never had a hard landing or was sideways
on the runway, so thatz not it! I had worked with plastics and
composites for a long time and it was put together according to plan,
correctly. I have however put my plane to the test with weight and
steep pull ups on a regular basis since the failure.

At this point I have no reason to believe there are any problems with
my spars but as John points out catastrophic failures are just that.
I look my canard/spars over on a regular basis and would advise
others to do the same.

I honestly believe my spar was over stressed in the test fixture and
failed and think there may be others out there as well.

This test was confirmed by Scott Swing at QAC (now Velocity) who did
the test. He stated that spars were always tested this way and there
were failures. He further stated that in fact he reworked and used
failed spars in his own Q.

The spar loading test for those of you who don't know was to clamp
the spar in an aluminum fixture and load the tip down (pallet
progressively loaded with sandbags) for a pre-determined length of
time until the spar either sagged past limits or failed. The ones
that didn't were considered good enough. The problem was threefold;
1) The fixture didn't have a downward radius where the spar left the
fixture, 2) There wasn't a non destructive test done afterwards to
determine if there were any internal failures and 3) The results were
subjective and loosely controlled.

Some of these failed or marginal spars may have found their way out
of the facility and into your plane, maybe not!

Damian, There should be a large turnout of LS1's at the LVK flyin
August 19,20. It would be real nice if you could NDT the spars in our
planes. Is that possible with the equipment you have? It certainly
make a lot of pilots feel better to see the whole lot safe and free
of spar defects.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

"LVK-More flying Q200's than any place in the world"

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