Re: Wheel Alignment

Paul Buckley


Earnest has a point. The gear bow attach points have been known to move due sloppy or no shims, allowing the gear bow to swivel.

Your measurements for your wheel toe in/out do not make sense, comparing the front to the rear, and I wonder if your gear is shifting as you make your measurements.
At 44" forward there is only 1/16" difference between the two 'wheel to centreline' measurements, so at 102" to the rear I would expect that difference to be 1/16" X 2.4 (approx)
which is about 3/16". It is actually 2 and 1/8"..........quite a way out.
(I am not sure what your line '134" fwd (hgr door) 91" (total)' means, btw)

Have you triangulated the the two main wheels from a fixed centre line point way out in front, thus finding out if one wheel is further forward than the other?
I still think that the differential camber is the main problem, though.

Paul Buckley

Inches from main Lft - cntr Rt-cntr
44" forward 47 1/2 47 7/16
134" fwd (hgr door) 91" (total)
102" aft 48 1/8 50 1/2

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Make sure that you gear has not shifted on the shaft saddle inside the
gear fuselage box. It should be suspended the same distance from the front
bulkhead on both sides. Some have been known to slip on this shaft.


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