Re: Older Rotax 503

David J. Gall


Save your money. Don't use that old boat anchor. It'll kill you in a Quickie
and it's not even eligible for the Rotax trade-in program since it doesn't
have a gearbox.

You want a newer 503 with dual Ducati ignition, oil injection, and a 'B'
gearbox with a 2.58:1 gear ratio (2.00:1 if you wanna be like Norm Howell).

No cheap-o substitutes.

David J. Gall
(Just my humble, unsolicited recommendation.)

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I sent this to the Q1 list but didn't get any response's. so
will try other lists.
I have a lead on an older 503, it has the points for ignition
and there are
not the bolt holes for the reduction drives, has anyone adapted a
* to this engine? I'm sure it could be done with belts but
don't know where to start, Is there any way I could adapt a
reduction box to this engine?

Thanks Ron T

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