Re: Update on Phil Lankford

Jim Patillo


I talked with Phil about 30 minutes ago. He wanted me to let you all
know both he and Cherie are OK but badly banged up, sore and
scratched. Phil has a busted sternum. Cherie is sleeping at present.
His brothers are with them. they are at Kern County Medical Center
near Bakersfield, CA.

Phil's Amar Demuth prop seperated the airplane at 9500'. About 75%
was left when he shut the engine down. He set up for a glide about 11
miles out but was about 30' short when he made contact. The plane
took out about 160' of fence then went inverted after contacting the
runway, the canard seperated and the canopy busted loose as they were
sliding upside down. It is totaled, I believe. They both escaped and
no fire was seen.

Had the accident happened 30 minutes earlier it would have been a
different story. They were direct from Wenover, UT to Southern Cal
when this happened, (very treacherous territory). They are both very
lucky and I for one will say another prayer for them both when I
finish this e-mail.

Jim Patillo

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I am so glad to hear that Phil and his wife are doing well. I met
Phil last
Friday at the homebuilt showcase fly-by flight briefing at OSH. I
took a
couple of pictures of Phil and his plane right before the fly-by.
One in
the staging area and one while sitting on the runway right before
we took
off. He was #13 and I was #14 on the fly-by.

I posted 5 pictures of Phil's plane in the photos section in a
folder called
AirVenture 2005.

Dragonfly N41GK

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I called the Kern Medical Center in Bakersfield CA and I'm happy to
that both Phil and his wife are doing well and are staying in the
for observation but may get to go home tomorrow. I spoke to the
nurse in
the ER who gave me this info. I told her to give our best wishes to
both of

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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