Re: Propellor pains

David J. Gall

How about a GSC or Powerfin? They both have better airfoils than the Warp Drive or Ivoprop, so should give results more like a custom wood prop would give. I once flew another brand of airplane using a Precision Propellers ground adjustable prop and it flew 8-10 mph faster than with an in-flight adjustable Ivoprop. My rumor patrol tells me that the Powerfin blade profile is a copy of a Craig Catto design....

David J. Gall

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4. For the price I would rather consider a Warp Drive. Any opinions? The
manufacturer of my prop is obviously a wooden prop enthusiast, and
guarantees me that the Warp wouldn't perform even nearly as well a my wooden
prop. Any comments?



I had a Q-1 with a Rotax and had a Warp Drive prop and a Prince wooden prop
for it. The Prince far outperformed the Warp.
Just one data point.

Former Q-driver.

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