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Jim. Sorry to hear of this avoidable accident. What kind of
Beech was it?
In my wife's C23 POH it should have 12 gallons of fuel for take
off and
landing and has a tab for same. The gages are not reliable and so
you must
know your fuel situation before take off and calculate it in

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For anyone interested;

17 year old Sara Catto (Craig the prop maker's daughter)has
survived a
Beechcraft crash and will be OK as will a 5 year old passenger.
Sara was operated on yesterday for 8 hours and is now in a body
She was suppose to start Cal Poly next month but that might be
now. Kimberly the 46 year old flight instructor remains
paralyzed below
the waist.

The FAA report is pretty clear as to what happened. The left
tank was
full and the right empty with the fuel selector found in the
position. Sara had queried her instructor prior to flight about
how the
fuel system was suppose to be operated and was told they would
fly only
on the right. The airplane was eventually stalled trying to
stretch the
glide and pancaked in. The one thing Sara has taken away from
this is
to trust no one, not even the flight instructor when it comes to
preflighting a plane she is about to fly. Sara has a 4.5 grade
is in love with airplanes and heading for either a military or
corporate flying career. I really hope this doesn't kill her
drive for


Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

P.S. Phil I got your phone calls this morning from Saturday as
we were
out camping in the high Sierras and had no reception. I don't
have Pat
P's phone #. Hope to see you on the 19th-20th.

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