Re: Q-2/Q-200 wheels

Jim Patillo


Similar minds must think alike. Yesterday I put on new factory wheels
and discs that Sam Kittle gave me, I believe they are Matco as Jerry
said. The new "original" 4:00x5 Chen Shen tires came from the source
I set up in Hayward, CA. I now have two backup whell/tire sets so
when its time to change tires its much quicker. I may know where
there are two more sets, I'll see if the fella wants to part with

At 600 hours the wheel bearings were a little worn and the discs had
small 1/2" humps on them between the bolts to wheel, kind of weird.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

--- In Q-LIST@..., "Sam Hoskins" <shoskins@m...> wrote:
I am looking for a new and unused set of Q-2/Q-200 wheels, to have
spares. Does anyone know the original manufacturer of our wheels?
there equivalent part numbers for a current offering in the

Sam Hoskins

Murphysboro, IL

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