Re: Engine choices

Jim Patillo


How many hours do you have on that engine? How easy is it ot get parts?

Jim P.
--- In Q-LIST@..., "Paul Spackman" <wypaul2001@y...> wrote:
The Jabiru 3300 weights in at 178 with the mags, carb, starter and
those other things Quickie pilots want on thier engines and burns 5.2
gph and you can get one new. I like mine.

Paul Spackman

P.S. That includes the muffler.

--- In Q-LIST@..., "Michael D. Callahan"
190lbs on the O-200 is factory bare engine weight. Does not even
mags, spark plugs, oil or accessories, much less prop, oil or carb.
Somebody actually hung their entire engine right off the Q on a
and I think it was around 245lbs. Mike C.

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