Re: Engine choices

Jim Patillo

Paul have you had any issues with your Jabiru engine since
installation was complete and worked out? In other words, has it
been trouble free?

Did you ask your rep about a turbo for the Jab 6 as light as it is?
It would be real nice to go high and cruise fast. My ceiling is
19,500' with dual electonic ignitions but I'm hangin on the prop up
there with no guts in the engine.

BTW what are the max speeds are you getting flat out level and at
what density altitude and RPM. Our pumped up 0200's are only
producting about 118-120 HP as best I can tell.

Jim P.

Had a really good 2.5 hour "Quickie" flight his weekend cruising
around the Sierra's from Sacramento to Yosemite and back to the

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I have 250 hours on the engine. There are three dealers in the US
a good stock of parts. Filters plugs and the likes are available
the auto parts stores.

Paul Spackman

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How many hours do you have on that engine? How easy is it ot get

Jim P.

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