Re: Something like landing gear testing

David J. Gall

I was amazed that the strut did not snap off.

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

Amazed, why? You might think that the load from a skidding tire would be more than that of a rolling tire, but with good anti-lock brakes the coefficient of friction of a rolling, braked tire is greater than the skidding friction. Why else would you see so much TV hype about anti-lock brakes on cars? Well, that same coefficient of friction can be generated in a crosswise direction by a steered, rolling tire without brakes. That's the situation for a nose gear, except that the load is lateral instead of longitudinal. So, the nose gear should be as strong laterally as a main gear is longitudinally, right? And since most nose gear components are round, they should be just as trong longitudinally as laterally, right? More so, since they're braced in the longitudinal direction by all the retraction links.... And finally, the coefficient of sliding friction of metal against pavement is less than that of rubber against pavement. So, there should be nothing "amazing" about the event. Damn good flying, just using a nose skid instead of a nose wheel. Oh, yeah, nice sparks and smoke, but a non-event. (Fire extinguishers at the ready for the aluminum/magnesium fire excepted!) Have a nice NDT day. :-)

David J. Gall

P.S. Kevin thanx for the cool link!

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