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Thought that was the purpose of the Mountain States and Livermore Fly-In?
The Field of Dreams Fly-In will remain in the middle of the US, maybe MO,
OK, NE, IA, or OK. There truly is a lot of thought that goes into selecting
a location for a fly-in like this.

For the last 3 years (the years I coordinated the fly-in at Sullivan) the
majority of the people have driven to the event. Next are the guys who fly
their TW planes in and there area few guys who will fly-in commercially to a
major airport.

Of course most of us have very busy schedules and it can be hard to get away
for 4-5 days to fully take advantage of our fly-in. For this reason I think
it is worthwhile to move the event around once in a while. Someone could
not justify driving 700 miles to a fly-in, but maybe 400 is doable.

I understand that it is difficult and costly to fly a TW plane from CA to MO
for a weekend fly-in. Typically the overwhelming majority of TW airplanes
come from an adjoining state. Of course there are exceptions, Charlie
Johnson, Jim Patillo, and Dave Dugas come to mind. It would probably make
little or no difference for me or Sam, or Lynn, or Bruce, or Paul if the
fly-in was moved a few hundred miles in any direction. If it moved west a
little I do not think it would seriously impact the guys from flying their
plane to the event. A few hundred miles east would make it further from the
west coast guys, and I do not think that would help increase participation.

Close proximity to a large commercial airport is important for the guys who
will fly in commercially. It is also important to have lodging and things
like that close by the event airport. It should not be inside Class B
airspace and it should have a large enough ramp area and hangar space for
all the airplanes. Sullivan pretty much fits the bill for everything. A
fantastic rural airport that does not charge us anything with 5 hotels
within about 1 mile and maybe a little over a one hour drive from St Louis
Lambert International Airport.

Spud has volunteered to organize the event at Ottawa, KS next year. If
things do not work out with that, I am looking at an airport in SE Nebraska.
On paper the airport looks good, but I have never been there to take a look.
It is not far from Doug or Lynn...either of you guys been to Beatrice, NE


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Try about 1500 miles for the west coast guys.

Ron T

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I understand.....I just had someone contact me from the east coast saying
the event needs to be pushed back a couple weeks due to weather. No firm
plans yet, but the fly-in will likely move west a couple hundred miles next

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!


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