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After sifting through all the responses I suppose the best fix is also the
easiest. Torque and the P factor are turning the aircraft away from prop
rotation. By trimming the elevator or the ailerons we can offset this and
the elevator requires only a very small adjustment. By trimming the correct
side up we should get a small reduction in drag as well.
I ran across an interesting thing that may be related to this while reverse
engineering the Quickie for my CAD drawings. CSA-6 and CSA-7 (the elevator
control arms on the Quickie) do not have the same ratio. I checked 2 sets
of parts and they were both identical, and since the parts were all punched
out by Ken Brock, I'm assuming that all the Quickie kits had the same
different ratio (1/16" or about 5%) elevator links. I don't have any idea
if this was
intended but the result would be that one elevator would deflect just a bit
more than the other - tending to off set "P" factor.

One might be able to do the same thing with the Q-2/200...... but IIRC they
have identical parts right and left due to the center stick.
Leon McAtee

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