Re: Annual Field of Dreams Fly-In

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I have been there several times. Brand new terminal building, two nice runways (slight hump in the one - kind of like Ottawa), staffed on weekends (a big plus when coming home from Sullivan on Sunday's), T hangers usually available, hotels close. I don't know about a big hanger that could house several aircraft. I suppose the town is around 13,000 population and about 45 miles from Lincoln, NE. Commercial flights to Lincoln are sometimes a little pricy, but Omaha has better fares and only 60 more miles away or so.
It just so happens that BIE is direct in line between my hometown airport and Sullivan.

Oh........... and if you show up to the fly-in after everyone else has left for supper and there is no ride (not that it ever happens to me), you can just walk up the street a ways to the Super 8. However, I think they have 2 courtesy cars.



things do not work out with that, I am looking at an airport in SE Nebraska.
On paper the airport looks good, but I have never been there to take a look.
It is not far from Doug or Lynn...either of you guys been to Beatrice, NE

Suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!


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