Dynon encoder module


Hey Mike,

Hope all is well in the aftermath of all the hurricanes you all have been having down there, good night, you sure have had your share lately! Were you impacted severely?? Sure hope not.

Anyway, i'm finishing up my panel and wiring in all the remaining stuff, including my transponder and radio, and last Saturday, i was talking with Brad Olson, the Q-200 guy who bought Tom Moore's plane, and he too has a Dynon, and loves it... well, he suggested that i use the altitude reporting capablities of the Dynon, instead of trying to figure out wiring for the Terra AT encoder in the plane, and for which there is no plug.... he said that Dynon sells a module that i could use and which i could mount right on the back of the panel so that i won't have to have another disconnect between the encoder and the transponder, every time i want to take the panel out. If i were to get it through you, would there be a small discount? Also i decided to save time, and get a wiring harness for my D10A instead of doing all the soldering etc. myself, and again, how much would that be, and would there be a slight discount on that as well? Sure hope something can be worked out. Are there ample supplies in stock? Let me know.

Thanks again for everything, and hope to talk with you soon! By the way, Sullivan again this year was great, only we got rained out on Sat. night and Sunday, but just getting together with old friends was terrific!

All the best,


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