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Matt, in reviewing plans for Q2 -200 the spar is joined at Bloo and only extends to BL 05 either side. IMHO and observations of fractured spars the fracture either occurs at Bl11 t0 BL16 and just outside fuselage at about BL22. That outside area is a void between fuselage and the start of control surface box.Once again IMHO IF one were to extend splice area reinforcement from BL00 to BL24 this type of failure under normal to heavy use could be avoided. I believe JIm Patillo was the one who detected early a failure starting at about BL15 and affected a repair on and around this area and has plenty of time since with no apparent problems.

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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Matt based on the Q2 construction each spar extends from BL00 to the canard
wingtip. The spars are shaped and bonded at BL00. Also tapered glass spar caps
are fitted top and bottom at BL00 extending out about 1ft each side. As well UNI
glass plies are used at the hull exit to strengthen against compression of the
These details are covered in the Q2 plans which you can access from the web
link. I am assuming a similar plan is used for the Q1.

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Doug, Peter, Leon

I am looking at the option of carbon fiber spars for a Q1. I read the
resources links page on the QBA web page.

The carbon fiber spars sound great. One question. The spars only extend
from BL10 inboard out along the canard from the tip working its way
back..correct. I am concerned about the strength at BL10 - the center section
and where BL10 inboard are connected. Isn't this where most of the fatigue and
stress is showing. It seems that the rest of the canard has been strengthend
but not this joint.

Leon i was not able to get the cad drawings to work but i did read the

Thanks for all of your information and interest. I am finding this build
very intersting and kowlegable.

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