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Sam Hoskins <shoskins@...>

I must not be flying enough.

Sam Hoskins

Chilly Murphysboro, IL


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Well Saturday was another one of those beautiful lazy, crazy Cobalt
Blue California days. So several of us, Glassair Geoff, Long EZE Ray,
RV Roger, RV Barry and I decided to go to Half Moon Bay for Calamari
on the beach. Trip time from Livermore to Half Moon under SFO B space
Bay, 15 minutes. The place was crawlin' with tourists and locals out
to soak up the rays. Vendors were selling fish on the docks. Kids were
playing in the sand. Landing was very busy with us and 7 other planes
in the circuit.

What I beautiful time of the year on the Pacific coast. The fresh
ocean air, the "scenery" and food was good and the company


Jim Patillo

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