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David J. Gall


I will not email the plans to you due to the file sizes involved and because that is not how I choose to sell my product. To sell that way would make it far too easy for friends to simply forward that email to each other and then I would never sell another CD. I spent real money to put together the CD product and I don't care to give it away that way. And the file size issue is real: most email inboxes are limited to several tens of megabytes, and the contents of the CD would fill your mailbox many times over. The logistics of breaking down the contents into small enough chunks and coordinating the emptying of your e-mailbox in anticipation of the next load is not a task I choose to undertake. I did not respond to your request because I considered the request to be ridiculous and immature.

If you had sent payment for the CD when you asked for me to email the plans to you two months ago, you would already have had the CD in your posession by now. Stop asking people to hurry up your project for you. You are only delaying yourself.

David J. Gall

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hi,i have the quickie 1 plans that are aviable in QBA web for free but
they are not complete. i saw the web quickie source,they have the
complete plans + some extras like owners manual ad super quickie
conversion but those plans will not arrive to my country before 2 or 3
months. I asked if they can send the plans by email after they recive
the payment but they havenĀ“t send any answer. if someone of u have the
plans in the comuter, can you send them to me by email please??

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