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nice try but no cigar! May I suggest that David's price is too cheap
and that you are making the mistake of confusing cost with value. Pay
him the money. I would not do what he has done for the price so I
conclude that there is a fair bit of gratis gifting of IP to
community included in the product - which makes your attempt to
backdoor him all the more galling ( oops sorry David ;-)) Ditto, I
suspect for Leon's work.

May I also suggest that if you are quibbling about the cost of the
plans, don't start the project because it ain't cheap.

Secondly if you are concerned about two months delay, don't start the
project because they are not quick to build.

Thirdly, if he says they are too big to Email, listen to him. It is
not rocket science.

Reality check needed here I suspect.

Pay the money, get on with the job, and let us help you finish the
thing. It is hard enough without tripping yourself up on the mat
outside the door..


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I will not email the plans to you due to the file sizes involved
and because that is not how I choose to sell my product. >

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Subject: [Q-LIST] quickie plans
Date: Fri, 02 Dec 2005 17:41:28 -0000

hi,i have the quickie 1 plans that are aviable in QBA web for
free but
they are not complete. i saw the web quickie source,they have the
complete plans + some extras like owners manual ad super quickie
conversion but those plans will not arrive to my country before 2
or 3
months. I asked if they can send the plans by email after they
the payment but they havenĀ“t send any answer. if someone of u
have the
plans in the comuter, can you send them to me by email please??

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