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I think Sam has to use a 1/2" fuel line as fast as he goes. I think he uses methanol as well as a lil Nitro.

Damian Gregory N8427 Q200

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I'm operating with 1/4" fuel lines but have a straight downhill run to
the carb and am careful to keep my fuel lid sealed... I'd rather have
3/8 lines but I was flying for years before that became the standard...
20 years in the air and 1000 hours.
Mike Q200

Peter Harris wrote:
Thanks Sam . That is good news. Would that be a 5/16"feed or will 1/4" do the
Jab are running a mech pump and an electric pump in series. Bad idea it
doubles the risk of a blockage by jammed valves and would cut off gravity feed.
I was planning to keep the mech pump but run a gravity feed direct to the carb
with the pump in parallel. But would need a stop valve to prevent fuel
The Spruce listed Andair stop valve looks good but $50 seems a lot to pay?

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The answer to question #1: Absolutely.

#2. Depends on what you mean by "cheap" and "OK".

Sam Hoskins


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Hi, can anyone advise on two fuel supply questions:
1. Is gravity feed enough to run the 0-200 with no fuel pump?
2. What is a cheap but OK fuel check valve. Spruce list the Andair rabge
for about $50. Are there any OK alternatives?

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