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James, Chris,

This repair has been performed more than once. There is an aircraft
flying in NZ ZK-ZOO, which had this repair carried out.

Presumably Chris had the canard removed at the time of repair. The NZ
repair was carried out with the canard in situ leaving all the top
laminations and fuselage attachments intact. (of course, this is a
good time to cure the leaks into the center section)

It has flown many hours since.



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James, I know you won't be doing the repair, but maybe someone
will. I
carried out a repair on the damaged canard I used in my project. It
approved by the PFA in UK. The Q2 had been cart-wheeled and
avgas had got into the centre of the canard. So it was delaminated
at the
centre underside and about 15" out from the fuselage on each side.
stripped away the original laminations underneath the centre and on
top of
the canard on each side. I dug out all the damaged foam and
replaced with
new foam and micro.

After re-profiling, I did a normal type of glass repair at 1:64 (if
remember right) slope through the laminations. I did a
thorough "tap test"
of the whole canard to assess the remainder, but found no further
delamination or hollow areas. As I had the canard off, I then put
two more
layers of Uni top and bottom full span and over the wheel pants as
they had
also been smashed off and replaced.

This is not yet proven in practice, but it should be at least as
strong as
the original. I would think you (or whover) could work from the
underside of
the canard and so not even need to remove it, just the central
covering behind the engine bulkhead if there is one. I didn't
replace this
so I can now inspect the underside of the canard in the centre
because heavy
landings can cause that to spring away from the foam due to the
tension when
the wing flexes. I made a gentle curve when I rebuilt the canard
centre, to
avoid the sharp angle.

Anyway, my 2 cents - opinion only.

Chris Rayner

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With great remorse I must say that I have decided to part with

It will be sold to the highest bidder by January 5th, 2006.

The terms are as is, where is, cashiers check by January 6th in
payment. I will help you load the airplane onto your trailer.

The missing foam in the center section of the canard is the main
I can not bring myself to cut into the canard and replace the
foam. I
have been experimenting with injected foam, and this is still a
possibility. Another possibility is to cut a slot in the top
rear of the
canard center section and insert shear webs in place of the
foam. I would
like to know what the list thinks of this repair.

The strong points of this airplane are:
Frank Follmer full height rudder.
My VG design.
Wheel alinement.

Please see:

I am losing my hangar space and business interests are keeping me
busy. I
may replace this airplane at some future time and will monitor
the list.

The airplane has some other issues firewall forward. Please
email me
and/or preferably call my cell.

The airplane has 110 hours now and has all the logs and required

James Postma
Q2 Revmaster N145EX
Q2 Revmaster with LS-1
Q200 N8427
Steilacoom, Washington
(253) 584-1182 9:00 to 8:00 PDT
(253) 691-2979 cell
May your header tank be always full and your wings right side up.

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