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Jim Patillo


Did that solve the problem? Because the ear piece is different I was
wondering if the louder noise in the cockpit would be a problem. Were
they noisier from the get go or did that develope over time?

I've dealt with Duane at Lightspeed for several years now. You are
right they are great people to work with.

Jim P.

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I originally bought the 25XL's and loved them so much I later
bought the
Thirty G's when they came out. Unfortunately, my 30 G's have been
sent back
twice. The first time I had audio cutting out intermittently in one
ear and
they fixed that under warranty. The second time I asked them to
test the
units to see if they could find any reason why they were not as
quiet as my
25XL,s - they said that on most aircraft they should perform
better. We
ended up putting the 25XL battery box and ear seals on the units -
charge. Lightspeed is very good to work with. If possible see if
you can
borrow a pair to test to make sure they perform better. Maybe my
pair was
just a lemon. On the other hand, had I not be using a pair of the
25XL's - I
would not have known any different.

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I've used Lightspeed 25XL headsets for a while and am about to
a couple new Thirty G's. Anyone got any experience with them?

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

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