Elevator and Aileron Bushings

Jim Patillo


I've brought this subject up before but this time I intend to fix it.

I'm doing my condition inspection now and found the elevators and
ailerons have a lot of play at the outside hinge points. You can push
up and down and definitely feel play. I further inspected the other
Q's on the field and found they all have almost the same amount of

Has anyone determined if the bushing is at fault or is it the AN3
pivot point that is wearing, ot both? If so what did you do to fix
it? If it was the steel bushing, what is the new part number to
replace it? Did it solve the problem?

Should people now building consider a better solution? Seems to me
that steel on steel is not the answer!



P.S. I tried a cell phone with the new Thirty 3G's and it works
perfectly. Very clear on transmission and reception.

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