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Marinus B. &#92;(Ben&#92;) Bosma <ben@...>

I have an HP 2800CP Printer. It prints 36" wide.

It has a server that does all the rasterizing before sending it to the
printer since the printer is Postscript only.

If you want I can plot to scale for you. I must caution you, however, that
I've plotted up to 288" drawings and there is some error in the size of
parts. In the case of the 288" drawing it actually came out to 280". The
type of media makes a big difference. Velum is the worst for slipping on
the rollers. The only way to get perfect plots is with a Gerber flatbed
plotter on Mylar and even Mylar is hydroscopic to a certain extent. I
understand that Tyvek is the way to go for scaled plots.

I don't think you'll be able to measure a scaling problem on drawings that
are only "D" size.

Let me know if you need help. I do have AutoCAD except I'm rather rusty on
it. I haven't used a 2D CAD in many years.



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I've just finished plotting the first set of my CAD drawn templates for the
Quickie (Q-1) and they should be in the mail to another Q-list member, for
review to make sure that I haven't made any serious mistakes, today. I'm
confidant enough that they are ready for market that I am letting the lists
know that they are available.

I haven't yet decided on just how to market them so I'm open for

I have 12 "D" size sheets (24"x36") that have every template, part, and jig
drawing, from the firewall aft, that I have been able to find that QAC
published with the original kit and the LS-1 upgrade. These sheets include
all of the drawings in the construction manual as well so you no longer have
to print the PDF files from David's CD with a large format printer. Just
make a copy in standard letter size for shop use.

I had considered adding a set of templates that are off-set for those that
like to hot-wire to a larger size and then sand to the final dimensions but
I have not done this - yet. If anyone really wants a set like this, ask
and I might provide.

I also have drawings of all of the welded and machined parts supplied with
the original kits - in actual size - so there is no reason that any
partially completed kit or damaged aircraft can't be finished or repaired.

Also if anyone knows of a source of reasonably priced software that will
plot both raster and vector at the same time on a Hp 650C plotter using
either WIN 98 or XP please let me know. I don't use AutoCAD much and the
standard Windows drivers just don't work with mixed formula CAD. The Hp
would be a bit quicker than my other plotter.
Leon McAtee
1 project finished, way too many left......................

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