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understand that Tyvek is the way to go for scaled plots.

I don't think you'll be able to measure a scaling problem on drawings that
are only "D" size.
Thanks for the offer and advice. My Encad plotter works just fine - but it
isn't as fast or as user friendly as the Hp. So far the scaling on the D
size sheets is better than I can measure but I think the ultimate solution
to good foam cores is a set of CNC cut and etched aluminum templates that
can be rented out as "loaners" for those that need them. When I get some
spare cash again I probably will have a set made...........

BTW the new templates have female patterns back to 25% chord for checking
the finished profile at 5 stations for those that want to be sure their
airfoils are not only wave free but the prescribed shape as well. These
too, would be nice to have in metal.
Leon McAtee

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