Revmaster Mag drop.


Hi all.

I have been having a problem with an excessive mag drop on my 75hp
Revmaster with auto-spark plug conversion. I have the Bendix dual
mag fitted. When I check the mags at around 1500rpm there barely
seems to be a noticeable drop on the right mag about 50rpm or so.
But when check the left mag there seems to be a 300-400rpm drop. The
engine seems to run ok but definetely seems rougher when on the left
mag. When selected to both, the engine runs as normal on all plugs.
I have checked and replaced all plugs and they are nearly always a
nice golden brown colour. I have had the mag checked and timed and
the points checked and cleaned. I have checked the harness and all
is ok. I have now hit a dead end and don't know where to go from
here. Has anyone come across this before? My engine is new with only
8 hours of running on it.
Also does anybody have any photos I could have of Q2 Revmaster
baffling as the baffling that came with my aircraft is totally
inadequate. I have seen photos of other aircraft Revmaster baffling
installations but it would be really helpfullyif I could see some
pics of Q2 baffling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Simon Wilson

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