Re: Q2(00) Parts for Sale

Phil Christiansen <rxforfun51@...>

Hi Jerry,

I'm interested in buying a number of your Q parts.
I'd like to purchase the following if they're still

Fuel system and Cables. I'm also interested in your
prop spinner and starter if they would be available
for sale too. Looks like you had someone interested
in your fuel tank gauge with float. If not, I'd like
to buy that as well. Could you also tell me what size
Revflow carb you have? I assume it's a 34mm? Let me
know how many of the above parts are still available
and what the cost of the prop spinner and starter
might be if they're for sale too?

Can contact me offline if you wish at

Phil Christiansen

--- Jerry Jerome <jjflyboy@...> wrote:

I have a Q2 I am parting out after a landing
accident over a year ago that
broke the canard and shortened the prop. Of special
interest may be the set
of QAC supplied carbon fiber spars I have that I
was, at one time, planning
on using to build the LS1. I also have control
system parts like the
bushings, pins, and mid span pivots used on the
elevators. See my ad at
Since the accident I
became disillusioned with the design and am now in
the process of completing
an RV3 which has already flown but has had some
extensive work done to it
including both of Vans spar modifications. With a
160 HP O-320, it should
be the most fun you can have with your clothes on

Happy New Year,

Jerry Jerome

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