Re: Revmaster Mag drop.

Mike Dwyer <mdwyer@...>

Pulling the leads isn't a great idea. It will zap you (I've done it on a car) and possibly damage the mag as the spark has no where to go so it jumps around the inside of distributor cap leaving carbon trails everywhere. Mag rebuild books specifically say don't fire the mag without a plug attached.

Could be P leads, mag filter (if he has one) or a bad mag (my bet).

Mike Q200

Paul Spackman wrote:

If you are sure that the harness and the plugs are OK then, check the mag switch(s) and the wiring and switches to the tach. Have you tried pulling the leads to the plugs with the engine running one at a time while on the left mag only? Watch the prop if you use this method.

Paul Spackman

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Hi all.

I have been having a problem with an excessive mag drop on my 75hp Revmaster with auto-spark plug conversion. I have the Bendix dual mag fitted. When I check the mags at around 1500rpm there barely seems to be a noticeable drop on the right mag about 50rpm or so. But when check the left mag there seems to be a 300-400rpm drop.

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