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Bart Ransom <bart10963@...>

Does any one have Q2 Templates available? I have seen the LS1, but is it possible to be built from plans?

Bart Ransom.

olderprograms <groups@...> wrote:
Dave was asking me where I got that 3d model of a Q2 on my website
logo at I actually made that myself.

My background is in dvd authoring and design and my plan is to create
a set of construction DVD's as I build my plane. I created the 3D
model in a computer animation package called 3D Studio Max and I
think I can export it as a DXF file if anyone is interested. I have
had trouble in the past importing DXF files into the program though
so we'll see.

I thought it would be a good visual aid when I was talking about what
I was doing in the videos. Let me now what you think.

I still have plenty of room on the website for more bloggers, so if
you're interested in following Sam's advice about setting up a
Quickie construction blog you can sign up on the homepage, or if you want to see some of the
video/web design/DVD work I've done you can check out my non-quickie
related site at

Thanks for asking,
Dan Yager

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