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i woulike a set when you are done.
Best regards, Bart Ransom.
I've just finished plotting the first set of my CAD drawn
templates for the Quickie (Q-1) and they should be in the mail to
another Q-list member, for review to make sure that I haven't made
any serious mistakes, today. I'm confidant enough that they are
ready for market that I am letting the lists know that they are

I haven't yet decided on just how to market them so I'm open for

I have 12 "D" size sheets (24"x36") that have every template,
part, and jig drawing, from the firewall aft, that I have been able
to find that QAC published with the original kit and the LS-1
upgrade. These sheets include all of the drawings in the
construction manual as well so you no longer have to print the PDF
files from David's CD with a large format printer. Just make a copy
in standard letter size for shop use.

I had considered adding a set of templates that are off-set for
those that like to hot-wire to a larger size and then sand to the
final dimensions but I have not done this - yet. If anyone really
wants a set like this, ask and I might provide.

I also have drawings of all of the welded and machined parts
supplied with the original kits - in actual size - so there is no
reason that any partially completed kit or damaged aircraft can't be
finished or repaired.

Also if anyone knows of a source of reasonably priced software
that will plot both raster and vector at the same time on a Hp 650C
plotter using either WIN 98 or XP please let me know. I don't use
AutoCAD much and the standard Windows drivers just don't work with
mixed formula CAD. The Hp would be a bit quicker than my other
Leon McAtee
1 project finished, way too many left......................

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