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Hey All,
5 people have signed up for free Quickie Builders Blogs at but no one has posted anything yet. So I
just created an admin area of MY blog at:

I've posted a couple of tutorials about how to make posts and insert
pictures with more tutorials to follow. Let me know if they're
helpful, or if you need help with anything in particular.

I also just moved one of Dave H's blogs over to from
blogspot so it is doable if anyone is interested.

You can access all the Quickie Blogs from the homepage at and of course QBA members are welcome to
sign up for their free blog from the their also.

Good luck and happy blogging!

Dan Yager
I have some Q-200 parts in my garage, some are in Arizona, and some
more are in Ohio. I'm begginning to think Johnny Cash wrote a song
about it... It was an '80... '81... '83... '84... '85... '86....!

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