Re: aluminum spinner - ACS SN-4?

Jim Patillo


You DO need to install a front bulkhead for your spinner. Talk to
Brad Olsen about what happens when you don't. He didn't have one and
his rear bulkhead failed (around the bolt pattern) on our way back
from Oshkosh, leaving the spinner flopping around on his new prop.
Fortunately I saw it just as we landed in Rapid City, SD. A couple
more minutes and it would have failed and could have taken off the
prop as it was already cutting into it.

Jim Patillo N46JP Q200

P.S. All of the issues you keep asking about have been done and are
readily solvable. Just look at the beautiful example next you and
copy it! A no brainer. Remember there are more Q200's on your field
than anywhere else on the earth.

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Hi -

For my Q200 I have a fibreglas spinner and bulkhead that I've
to replace with aluminum (spinner, rear bulkhead and probably front
bulkhead), most likely the Aircraft Spruce one mentioned by Sam
Hoskins in


If someone knows of a better (more timely?) alternative, let me
(I considered getting the rear bulkhead and buying or making the
front bulkhead and sticking with the fibreglas spinner, but I'm
guessing I'd save at most a pound for the trouble.)

Thanks -

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