Re: aluminum spinner - ACS SN-4?

Jim Patillo


FYI, I've been using an aluminum spinner, aluminum backing plate and
aluminum front bulkhead (wrapped with small diameter black rubber fuel
hose)for 700+ hours now and have never had a problem. The front
bulkhead/rubber hose to spinner is a fairly snug push on fit.


Jim P.

P.S. I've now converted the outer bushings on my ailerons and elevators
from steel on steel bushings(factory)to Rulon on steel. It completely
eliminated the up/down slop found on most all Q's. The controls are
extremely smooth. I will keep everyone informed as I complete a 1 yr.
test period.

-- In, shoskins@m... wrote:

Apparently the plate/tubing combination was not rock solid and some
occurred. This movement flexes the back plate and develops cracks.
The cracks
appear as very thin black lines on the backplate, often around the
circumference of the crankshaft flange.

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