Re: aluminum spinner - ACS SN-4?

David Chalmers <David@...>

I tried to measure the difference a few years back. It's hard to measure such a small change but I put it somewhere between 1/2 and 1mph at 170mph.

Dave Chalmers
TriQ200 N4016G 250hrs
Redmond WA

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At 07:07 AM 1/12/2006 -0600, Sam Hoskins wrote:
I have probably installed six spinners in the last 20 years. For me, it's a
real pain in the rear and gut wrenching experience. Overall, I am very
dissatisfied with the ACS product support and customer service. If there
was a suitable off-the-shelf composite spinner supplier I would sure like to
meet them.

Sam Hoskins
Has anyone compared performance with and without a spinner on a Q-2xx? I
thought Mike Arnold said that he left the spinner off because it didn't
help performance. Any comments?

(haven't watched the AR-5 Videos in a couple of years, but I'm pretty sure
he said that)

Mike Perry

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