Re: Small Axe,Leaky fuel tank+


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chris-rayner@... writes:

. I was soaked in fuel from both ruptured tanks but
thankfully no fire ensued. I understand that others haven't been so lucky
I don't know what this is hinting at, but in 15 years of publishing
Quicktalk/Q_TALK I never heard of a Q catching fire in a crash. Do tell.

However, as another data point, I was upside down off the side of a runway in
a quickie with fuel dripping on my legs. The fuselage was intact, I was
belted in tight and unable to reach the switches. It didn't light up and I was seen
and helped out, but a survival knife or small axe will be on my checklist.

I saw an upside down bubble canopy accident on the main runway at Osh one
year (T-18). Nobody made it out, so give it some thought.


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