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David J. Gall

Armrests: Most likely they provide torsional stiffness to the fuselage. The
floor and tank makes the bottom surface of the fuselage resist side-to-side
motion, but the open top of the fuselage underneath the canopy can move
side-to-side allowing for an overall "twisty" fuselage. Adding gussets to
the area where the top longerons meet the seatback bulkhead would be an
inconvenient way to add torsional stiffness, but here the armrests can serve
the purpose.

Just my opinion,

David J. Gall

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The recent debate about removable armrests got me thinking -
surely they must be an important part of the structure for at
least the following reasons:
1. They help hold down the fuel tank.
2. They create a box structure out of the rear bulkhead, the
fuel tank, and the fuselage floor which would add
significantly to the overall fuselage rigidity between the two wings.
Allan Farr
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