Re: 16th Annual Field of Dreams Tandem Wing Fly-in -- Emporia, KS -- September 22, 23rd & 24th, 2006


Hey Everybody,

Jeff, you are absolutely right, Sam and I make the investment every year on commercial flights from California for that one weekend, as it's about the best investment that anyone can make in preparing your tandem-wing aircraft for flight... from that standpoint alone, it's about the most important weekend each year while you are in the building process. With the greatest concentration of our kind of planes anywhere on the entire planet for that one week, it's a no-brainer to attend... and the friendships that are made and re-newed each year are tremendous encouragement not only for building and flying but these are things that make for memories that last a lifetime. So if anyone is thinking about building, or are building in isolation someplace, attending a TW fly-in is a smart investment yielding huge dividends down the line in savings of time, money and energy, and frustration, and most of all, safety. Plus, it's the fun-est thing to do all year long! Dave and Suzie's reprise of the redneck tandemwingers will give all of you who missed it last year (because of the hurricane that blew in Saturday afternoon and forced most of us out early) a chance to laugh like you never have before ... and all the material they used was all true!! I'm still laughing!

Thanks, Spud, for organizing the event this year, it's gonna be great as usual.

Anyway, my 2 cents worth about attending... i wouldn't miss it for anything. And i might even not have to take commercial this year...

Alan Thayer, Q-2 Jabiru

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