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Hi Larry

I just need to touch some of the areas,large,and small. Not sure of
the brand of paint, and primer the builder used, is there a
universal brand?
Unfortunatly, no. However if you use one of the "name brand" paints and
follow the manufactures recomendations for proper surface prep you should
have few problems. The problem with patching a Q is that unlike an
automobile there are few naturual breaks. Most often it's recomeded to
paint full "panels" at one time because if the paint systems aren't
compatable you need to cover the old with a "sealer" and there is no way to
blend this coat. If the paint systems are compatable (by test) then you can
do spot repairs and blend so it looks good. A quick test for compatabality
is to put some of the reducer from the new paint on a rag and lay it on the
area to be repaired (taper sanded to the base) for an hour or so. If the
original paint is still firm and unwrinkled you are probably safe. If you
can dig soft paint out with a finger nail you might have problems without a

Another question, can I use the quarter turn fastners to fasten at
the front to rear fuselage shells?
You can. But it wouldn't be a very good idea, as the tail just might come
loose! Most aren't designed or intended for structural uses.

A battery powered screwdriver makes quick work of the task of unbolting the
recommended fasteners. Very few Q owners seem to make regular use of the
traileraing option anyway.
Leon McAtee
Just my frost bitten opinions................

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