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For you new guys out there, Jim Masal is the original founder and editor of the Newsletter (see; and he is recommending that you purchase the back issues of the newsletter and read them thoroughly. You can purchase them here: It is a small investment, but you can get the history of these airplanes. Please understand we get new guys on the list all the time and the same questions come up repeatedly. With the newsletters in hand, use the QBA web site to look up topics and see what issue that topic was in. Click on Resources and then Newsletter Index Search or the direct link is:

Dave Richardson and I are in the process of enhancing this search page and it should be ready soon.

Along with this email list, you will be armed with the information you need to get you in the air!

Doug "Hawkeye" Humble
Omaha NE

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could you give us more input on your experience with a global engine .

Yes I can, but you'll have to read it in that ancient, obsolete form of
communication... PAPER... Quicktalk. The reason I printed it there is so I
wouldn't have to spend an hour getting each new person up to speed when they pop up
out of nowhere. See, it saves my time and is available almost forever to anyone
who wants to know. Someday electronic media will be just as good. Wow, I hope
I live to see it. Meantime I will be at SnF wit plenny of time to shoot the


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