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David J. Gall


Leon's drawings are of superb quality and incorporate changes and other nice
touches gleaned from Q-TALK and the Q-LIST over the years. He has also
corrected some minor disparities that he discovered in the QAC drawings that
have never really been addressed elsewhere, and drawings of parts that never
were drawn up in the original plans. Highly recommended!

Welcome to the list. Do you have the rest of the plans (the textual part)
and the newsletters and SuperQuickie Rotax conversion plans?

David J. Gall

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New to the list. Just finishing my Dragonfly, hope to fly it soon.

Love the Q1, so bought the plans from Leon McAtee.

I would like to talk to and meet any Q1 builders in south GA or N FL.

One general question: How good are leon's drawings? Do they
have the latest changes?


Glen Bankston
Moultrie, GA

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