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David J. Gall


In your .pdf print dialog box you should be able to select the paper size
and an option to scale the images to fit the paper. That way you can print
8.5 x 11 (or any other size).

Some people have raised the back of the canopy one inch for more headroom.

David J. Gall

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I got CD from somebody (paid good money for it) that has the
plans in pdf, and a bunch of other stuff. I cannot print out
11x17 though.
I am trying to remember, but I think the old news letters
were part of the CD.

I just hate to start this project and find out later I have
to change it.
If the Leon drawings
are good and up-to-date, I will start making all the metal
parts and phenolic.
I will glue to templates to some hard masonite and get them
ready. I already have enough blue foam to make the cores.

Is there anyone making canopies any more?

Also, I am 6'3" with a 39" sitting height. Do I need to
modify the cockpit?



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