Re: Sun 'n Fun Quickie


Our widely dispersed regional gatherings are having an effect. At SnF I only
saw an appearance of those rascals from Enid in their TriQ (I agree with
Joanne, that plane vanilla needs stripes) and Roy Shannon's excellent Q-1 which was
getting a thorough looking over by gawkers and judges when I saw it Satiddy
morning. There was a static display of the museum's Q2 outside which was
notable for what looked to be a 2-3" higher seatback bulkhead and bubble... a mod
for you tall, lanky guys. I heard but did not see that there was a Dragonfly.

Show dates were funky starting on Tuesday. That seemed to keep the crowds
down until the folks came in for a long FSS weekend. It gave early attenders
first shots a purchases and crowd free photos. The Satiddy noon forum had a nice
lively group with some new faces.

A pair of FA-22 Raptors made their first public appearance on the
flightline... one piloted by a Colonel who was raised and learned to fly at Lakeland...
fun to hear his story. American Airlines showed a kick=ass restoration of their
DC-3 in one of it's earliest airshow appearances.

The Fridey nite airshow is a highlight for me, especially the dusk opening
act of 4 earsplitting lit and flaming T-6's cavorting around the sky as the day

Weather was delightful, opening the day with patchy fog and humidity clearing
to bright and sunscreen required brilliance. Those of you who remember the
Lockheed Vertical Riser should know it is well into a restoration cycle at a
museum hangar.

No new or crowd-gathering homebuilts that I noted, but a nicely done and wide
ranging show (again). And the fare kept changing as birds flocked in and out
due to the funky show dates and the heavy concentration of aviation in Florida

Interesting dirt: This show originally started by the local EAA chapter then
a few years ago the avaricious EAA home office tried to glom onto it as there
own due to the $$$$$ potential. I remember seeing EAA plastered allover da
place but now noticed it is much less in evidence. Seems the local volunteers
mounted an insurrection at the EAA horning in and pushing its weight around. Go


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